A Safe and Defensive Driving School, headquartered in Brodhead, WI was established in 1998, but is NOW RETRIED.  The Instructor though, is NOT!

Timothy Van Brocklin will still be teaching students for their parents!  At a low price of $50 cash, for 1 1/2 hours.  I will be able to take your student to Madison, Beltline & the Interstate.  All I need is a note stating that you are giving me permission to teach your student how to drive.

Write a note as follows :  I, ____(parents name)_____ give permission this person to teach my student, _____(students name)_______ to drive.

Signe it & Date it.  Your student will need to carry this note with them & anyone over 21 can teach them how to drive without getting a $150 fine.

After 22 years and over 11,000 students, I do have a lot of experience.  In the near future, I will be able to include stick-shift and truck and trailer.

I can give them experience before they get into your vehicle!

Please call Tim @ 608-558-6554 with any questions or concerns.