About Us

student-driver-signWe utilize both front-wheel and rear-wheel driven vehicles.  We offer Interstate & Madison driving for those who need it. We take our students in a wide variety of areas, giving them as much experience as possible.

We are certified to give up to 9 hours of instructing for behind-the-wheel. Only six (6) hours is required by the State. Most of our schools complete the 30 hours of classroom in 3-5 weeks.

We pride ourselves in keeping our cost down and our services high. We provide behind the wheel training 7 days a week and answer phone calls 12 hours a day.  We work hard to meet the students need. We understand things change everyday and things come up. We have no hidden cost, we just ask that they work with us with scheduling and the needs of the student.

I have received calls ten years later from students thanking me on teaching them manual driving. It came in handy in a emergency situation.  Parents and students thank me years later and the student really enjoyed the class and B-T-W instruction. We try to do the little extras, not just local driving. Students can complete the classroom portion from one school and do the driving with us with just a little paperwork.

We have a driving school in Brodhead, WI.
Phone: (608) 558-6554 and (608) 751-7363

  • Brodhead: 1005 W 2nd Ave