Obstacle Course

COUNTY OK CAR-RAL is an off-road obstacle course that allows students to advance their training in a safe environment. We feel it is beneficial to test out the dangers of being distracted while driving. This is all done at slow speeds and under constant supervision.  Students start off with the basics by practicing driving forward and backwards and then around obstacles.  Then into turn signals each time and blind spot checks.  We even have them try everything while talking on the cell phone so they soon realize how dangerous it is.

Working with COUNTY OK CAR-RAL, our students will have the opportunity to advance at their own rate. We offer a variety of vehicles to choose from for your driving instruction; automatic transmission vehicles, manual shift vehicles, stick-shift trucks & even truck and trailers.  All types of parking is available along with learning all the maneuvers for the road test.

Our off-road-obstacle course is located just outside Brodhead in an old quarry pit. Here they find the dangers that every obstacle brings. Any type off obstacle can be set up in the 18 acre training area. We are always updating obstacles and finding better ways of training about dangers. Even though students may never drive a bus, but it’s important to learn manuevering large vehicles and the blind spots.

For our obstacle course there is no waiting time for classes.  Please notify us ahead of time with the number in your party. This runs by appointment.  Cost is $20.00 per hour and the vehicles are supplied.